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Kristen Estelle and the Heartstrings

         Kristen Estelle is an Indie-pop artist based in New York City. She is originally from Montana where she began her music career as a classically trained clarinetist. Kristen moved to New York City to pursue jazz vocals, only to discover her true passion in the form of writing and singing original pop tunes. Her group, the Heartstrings, is a powerhouse string ensemble featuring the unique instrumentation of two cellos, violin, viola, electric bass and vocals. The group avoids easy categorization by combining the sophisticated trappings of a classical string quartet with catchy pop melodies and twisting them into something completely new and unexpected.

         In addition to Kristen Estelle's (vocals), the Heartstrings is comprised of Patrick James (Electric Bass), Sam Quiggins (Cello), Molly Aronson (Cello), Trevor New (Viola), and Ally Jenkins (Violin). They are currently touring in support of their debut album, Home. Considering their distinct sound, knack for live performance, and group interplay, they are not a band to be missed!

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